Fireworks Diamonds® is a Natural Diamond Brand which consistently exhibits optimal Brilliance, Fire, and Scintillation. By using AGS Laboratories’ ASET or Sarine Technology, the Diamond Industry’s most prestigious measure of light return to the human eye; Fireworks Diamonds® are scientifically proven to ALWAYS score at the top tier of light performance from every diamond!

Natural Rough diamonds were formed 1-3 billion years ago beneath Earth’s crust. The quality of these raw diamonds range from Flawless to Industrial quality. Less than 5% of the top quality rough qualifies to become Fireworks Diamonds®. The Fireworks Diamonds® Team sources both this top tier rough and fine polished diamonds to begin this miraculous journey. Matching this high quality diamond material with master cutting techniques brings Fireworks Diamonds® to life. we have the largest, brightest natural diamonds from these superior roughs.