Natural Rough Diamond

Types And Quality

Fireworks Diamonds

Cut from the finest & purest natural rough

Other Generic Diamonds

Cut from a random assortment of rough

Fireworks Diamonds


The consistent proportions of the depth & table percentages range along with consistent crown and pavilion angles range of every Fireworks Diamonds® allows its circumference on average to be LARGER compared to other diamonds of the exact carat weight. Two diamonds may have the same carat weight, however All Fireworks Diamonds® on average will have a larger appearance.


Fireworks Diamonds® exhibit top tier levels of Light Refraction especially from the top of the diamond. By using AGS’s Aset or Sarine Technology; Fireworks Diamonds® consistently score on the top tier making them one of the Brightest diamonds in the industry!


Fireworks Diamonds® are the result of superior polish, symmetry, cut grade, & light performance. All Fireworks Diamonds® are rigorously screened out from heavy or dark imperfections & strong color hues. This stringent Quality Control process empowers Fireworks Diamonds® to appear 1 to 3 color grades whiter than its actual color grade. Fireworks Diamonds® also eliminates light leakage to the highest levels resulting in maximum white light brilliance & dispersion of the spectral colors of the rainbow.


The precise patterning of facet arrangements in every Fireworks Round consistently displays a fine imagery of 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows. Using Ags’ Aset or Sarine’s Technology, Fireworks Rounds consistently delivers a Hearts & Arrow pattern which is visual evidence of high precision and master craftsmanship.

1.00 carat = ~6.5mm diameter


1.00 carat = ~6.35mm diameter


1.50 carat ~



Fireworks Oval

- Consistent Ideal Ratio

- Minimal to No Bow-tie/Superior Appearance

- Noticeably Larger/Brighter/Whiter!

- Exceptional Light Performance & Fire / Proven   Brightest!

- Cut from fine transparent natural rough

- Strict QC after cutting

- Perfect Polish & Perfect Symmetry ALWAYS!

- Cut for everlasting beauty

1.50 carat ~



Generic Oval

- Distorted Ratio

- Medium to large noticeable bow tie (dark  fields) / inferior appearance

- Noticeably smaller & darker

- No Light Performance measure

- Cut from random assortment of rough /cut for   weight retention

- No standards of QC (i.e. loosely graded)

- Performance compromised/ Heavy light   leakage

All Fireworks Diamonds® are responsibly sourced, conflict-free, and certified through the Kimberley Process.